Martin Mareček

studied documentary film at FAMU, where he has led the creative workshop since 2003. He is also active as a musician and film dramaturge, and contributed to the founding of several social activities such as Letokruh, Jednotka, and Auto*Mat.


“Kapučíno”, 1997; “Javor 98”, 1998; “Metody vejce”, 1999; “Domov můj…”, 2003; “Dust Games”, 2001; “The Source”, 2005; “Auto*Mate”, 2009; “Solar Eclipse”, 2011.

Solar Eclipse (0+)

Czech Republic, 2011, colour, 83 min.
Director: Martin Mareček
In 2006, Milan and Tomáš brought electricity to a school and clinic in the remote Zambian village of Masuku, thus offering its inhabitants like and independence. Four years later, they return one last time in order to determine why some parts of the system don’t work, to fix it, and to perform a final hand-over.


“The best Czech Documentary film”, “Audience Award” at IFF Jihlava 2011; “Silver Eye Award” at East Silver Market 2011; Czech Critics' Award for the best documentary film 2011; Trilobit Award by Film and TV association in Czech Republic 2011; The Czech Lion – the award from the Czech Film and TV Academy for the best documentary film 2011; The award for the best documentary film from Association of Czech film clubs at Finale Plzen Film Festival 2012; Grand Prize and the Trophy of IDFF CRONOGRAF 2012.

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