Yulia Kiseleva

was born in Asbest, Sverdlovskaya region. She graduated from the Ural State University as a journalist and VGIK as Director (workshop of non-fiction films). She is a member of Filmmakers' Union of Russia.


“Far from London”. 2007, “On the Move”, 2007; “Sunny Day”, 2008, “Tied, Fastened and Happy”, 2009; “Wide Embrace”, 2012.
Audience Jury Award “Small Silver Nanook”

Wide Embrace (0+)

Russia, 2012, colour, 40 min.
Director: Yulia Kiseleva
Volunteer group of Moscow students patronize lonely people that live in retirement homes. Not only they try to savour grey and lonely days of old people with support and organize celebrations but engage in the fight with local officials in order to improve the well-being and living conditions of their mentees.

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