Tatyana Konstantinova

was born in 1987 in Almaty, Kazakhstan. In 1998 she moved to Ekaterinburg. In 2011 she graduated from VGIK as Director (Workshop of A.E. Utchitel)


“To Freedom”, 2006; “Taya”, 2007; “Mamtchik, Hare Krishna”, “A Year Without Hemp”, 2008; “On the Level of Water”, “On a Blind Trial”, 2009; “Clear Prop!”, 2011.

Clear Prop (0+)

Russia, 2011, colour, 18 min.
Director: Tatyana Konstantinova
“The splendours and miseries of Kirill Philipov” – that what this film would have been called by the mother of young aviator that builds an aircraft in his kitchen. He just wants to fly.


“Best non-fiction film aimed at promotion of healthy lifestyle” (VGIK Festival), certificate “For the Original Hero” (Saint Anna Film Festival).

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