Ivan Tverdovskiy

was born in Moscow, graduated from VGIK as Director (experimental workshop of A.Utchitel). He actively works in the genres of documentary, fiction and mockumentary films. In 2010 his film “The Painful Points” participated in the main competition program of Documentary Film Festival Flahertiana.


“The Sacred Ditch”, 2007; “As if Waiting For a Bus”, 2009; “The Painful Points”, 2010; “Snow”, 2011; “Pianonizm”, 2012.

Pianonizm (0+)

Russia, 2012, b/w, 55 min.
Director: Ivan Tverdovskiy
Pianism means practicing piano playing technique and implies virtuoso performance. For the hero of the film - Sergey Musaelyan - the Distinguished Artist of Russia, awardee of international competitions, “Person of the Year” as per North American Biography Centre in USA, this term has acquired a rather different meaning.

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