Alexander Kuprin

graduated from Moscow State University as a journalist and from Film Director's Higher Courses of State Television and Radio of USSR. He worked for Ogonek-video, TV
Company VID, TV Company Tsivilizatsiya (Civilization). Alexander is a director of more than 90 documentary films.


"The Week of Conscience", 1989; "Dreams of War", 1996; "Demobilization Album", 1997; "Goodwill of the 20th Century", 2000—2001; "Space of Father Mikhey",
2005; "SkyEarth", 2008; "Triumph", 2010.

Triumph (0+)

Russia, 2011, colour, 56 min.
Director: Alexander Kuprin
"I keep going back to those memories. The death came very close this time and took my friend. But left me. That's how the year started. The most bizarre year of my life when I realised that I'm loosing everything and do not understand how it's happening. The last year of the millennium. The first year of life I have no reason to have".

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