Dmitry Zavilgelsky

graduated from the Higher Courses of Scriptwriters and Directors (documentary film workshop of Leonid Gurevich). Since 1998 he is a freelancer and works with different TV channels and film companies. He directed and produced more than 20 documentary and popular science films for State Television Channels, Ministry of Culture, private and federal film studios. Dmitry is a winner of many international and Russian film festivals and award ceremonies. He is a member of the Filmmakers’ Union of Russia and Guild of Directors of Non-Fiction Films and Television Programs.


“He Was Almost Famous”, “Where Do I Come From Like That”, ”And Again I Have Visited”, “Other Person”, “Ethnography of the Dreams”, “The Edge of Being”, “Paul McCartney. 73 Hours in Russia”, "Blame the Beatles for Everything”, “Oh, my Communist Youth....", “Science and Life of Aleksey Ermakov”, 2009; “Bronze for Heroes”, “Return of Alexander Sergeevitch to
Russia”, 2011; “Chemists”.

Chemists (0+)

Russia, 2012, colour, 44 min.
Director: Dmitry Zavilgelsky
Two friends, the graduates of the Chemical Department at Moscow State University, meet after a long separation. They both were excellent students with very promising future. Indeed one of them, Alexei Bobrovsky, is a successful scientist, a Doctor of Science, winner of the Presidential award for young scientists in 2009 whose face is often seen in glossy magazines. The other one, Alexei Nikitin, nicknamed "Doctor" had a brilliant career start in the USA and later in Seoul. However at some point Doctor Nikitin gave up science and stopped communicating with the outer world, friends and university mates. Once he saw a TV program with Alexei Bobrovsky and decided to call his friend...A few days later Doctor Nikitin flies from Cheliabinsk where he lives to Moscow to see Bobrovsky. Two friends are really happy to see each other but one big question keeps haunting Alexei Bobrovsky: why Doctor with his genius brains gave up the science?

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