Elena Seryogina

is a film director, script writer and director of photography. She was born in Perm in 1989. She studies film and video making at Perm State Institute of Art and Culture (graduate of 2013). She currently plans the shooting of her next documentary called “Extraverts, Burn in Hell”.


“When I Am without Mum”, 2010; “Fir Tree Without Christ”, год; “The “Hercules” Yana”, 2012.

The «Hercules» Yana (0+)

Russia, 2012, colour, 50 min.
Director: Elena Seryogina
“When I was in the kinder garden I discovered trousers....and was blown away to the “wrong” path. All girls are like girls, but me...”.
A very personal story of the former goalkeeper of a female hockey team.

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