Julia Kiselyova

was born in 1982 in Asbest, Sverdlovskaya oblast. In 2004 she graduated from Department of Journalism of Ural State University, and in 2009 she graduated from department of general stage management of VGIK (workshop of non-fiction films of I.A. Grigoriev).


“Far from London”, 2007; “On the Move”, 2007; “Sunny day”, 2008; “Tied, Fastened and Happy”, 2009; “Wide Embrace”, 2012 “About the Hippocratic Oath”, 2013, “Childhood on the riverside”, 2014.

Riverside Childhood (0+)

Russia, 2014, colour, 55 min.
Director: Julia Kiselyova
When Masha was 10 she was the only student at her school because there were no other children in their northern faraway village. She loved sincerely her home unspoilt with civilization and dreamed of founding a hospital there. Now Masha is 17, she is a last year student in the nearest village boarding school. She knows that she needs to leave but where and what for?

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