Svetlana Stasenko

was born in Izhevsk. She graduated from department of journalism of Moscow state university (with honours) and from Higher Courses for Scriptwriters and Directors. She successfully works both in fiction films and in documentaries. She worked with such companies as NETZKI, «Rock», «Khorosho-production», «Risk», «Karo», «Forvard», «Gamma», «RWS», and others. Member of Filmmakers’ Union of Russia, full member of International TV and radio academy, award winner of Russian and international film festivals.


“Parable”, 1992; “Pilgrim-poet”, 1997; “Don’t you feel pity for us”, 1998; “Alexander F. Sklyar. Song”, 2000; “Space traveler”, 2000; “Splits”, 2000; “Spring is soon”, 2001; “Cheap passions”, 2001; “Caryatids”, 2002; “Baikal trap”, 2004; “Amur illusion”, 2004; “Maya Kristalinskaya”, 2005; “Sincerely yours, Andrei Mironov”, 2006; “V.I.Lenin. What myths are silent about”, 2007; “Free people”, 2009; “Gifts to above”, 2009; “There is no blood on my hands”, 2011; “Through the needles of conifers”, 2012; “Tram date”, 2013; “Drug-addicted girl’s diary”, 2013; “Yulia and voodoo people”, 2014; “Arakcheev”, 2014.

Diary of an Addict (16+)

Russia, 2013, colour, 54 min.
Director: Svetlana Stasenko
In Women Rehabilitation Center near Yekaterinburg there are school kids, young mothers, students, artists and sport masters. All of them were drug addicts in their past as our heroine Katya was. Film crew is getting involved in a horrible story of confrontation between the creators of the “City with no drugs” foundation helping the Center and military services trying to destroy this effective non-governmental foundation which seems to be disturbing somebody.


Film Experts and Critics Guild award, «Novaya gazeta» Award for the Best movie.

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