Rostislav Aalto

was born in Moscow in 1971. He moved with his mother to Finland when he was 8 years old. He studied in University of Helsinki in department of Theater science. During years 1993 -2000 he studied film making in the University of Industrial Art and Design in Helsinki. Between years 1998 – 2008 Rostilav Aalto has been working as documentary film maker – directing, shooting, editing and producing his own films and films by others filmmakers.


«The Line», 1994; «Thirst», 1996; «The shots of Orimattila», 2000; «Cleaning Up!», «Rush», 2004; «Take Me in Your Arms», 2007; «Just little bit respect», 2007; «Mongolian Afternoon», 2007; «Mongo – moments from the Far East», 2008; «Sounds Like Suomi», 2008.

Mongo – Moments From the Far East (0+)

Finland, 2008, colour, 20 min.
Director: Rostislav Aalto
“Mongo – Moments From the Far East” is a collection of short films made during three journeys of Rostislav Aalto around Siberia, Mongolia and China between years 2004 – 2006. Genre of the film is close to Direct Cinema or Cinema Verite. There are no talking heads or other explanations. The film itself tells how we see other nations, what is real documentary film making when the line between protagonist and observer start to be blur, and the characters of the movie start to observe film maker.

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