Aleksey Vakhrushev

was born in 1969 in Anadyr (Chukchi Region, Russia). He graduated from All-Russian State Institute of Cinematography (workshop of V. P. Lisakovich) in 1996. From 1996 thought 2000 he worked as director and script writer at «Film-M» studio (Moscow). Since 2000 he has worked with «Ethno-online» TV company as director and script writer. He is a member of Film Makers’ Union of Russia.


trilogy of films «Gull's Flight Against The Wind»: «The Time For Dreams To Melt», 1993-1996; «Naukan’s Birds», 1996; «Island», 2001; «Cossack of Chukchi Region», 2003; «Chronicle Of Walrus Tusk», 2004; «Hunters Of Cold Banks», 2005; «Welcome to Enurmino!», 2008.

Welcome to Enurmino! (0+)

Russia, 2008, 60 min.
Director: Aleksey Vakhrushev
Chukchi Autonomous District is situated in the northeast of Russia. It consists of eight regions. The utmost region is Chukchi region where a village called ENURMINO is situated. To get there and to get out of there is almost a miracle… But if you ask where the real Chukchi region is, the answer is evident: it is here!


Gran Prix, Nile International Environmental Film Festival (Cairo, Egypt, June 2008).

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