Elena Demidova

graduated from the Moscow State Technical University. She has been trained as a director at «Internews» film school and at the educational project «Real Time» (workshop of Marina Razbezhkina, 2006). She is currently working as a director of various documentary films and projects.


«Live Water», «Holly Week», 2006; «Ark», «The Multiplication Table», 2007; «It’s Time To Go Home», 2008.

The Multiplication Table (0+)

Russia, 2007, colour, 17 min.
Director: Elena Demidova
A girl of eight and a boy of nine live in a lost steppe village. The school is in four kilometers away across a very difficult country. The boy’s father is dreaming to construct a snowmobile until it does it the girl’s mother gives them a ride to school on a horse. Along the long road they quarrel – as a small man with a small woman. Any reason will do – for example, multiplication table…


Diploma of the Human Rights Documentary Film Festival – «Ukrainian Context».

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