Mikhail Zhdanovskiy

graduated from VGIK documentary department in 1972. Since then he has been working at «Belarusfilm» film studio. He is Art Director of «Letopis» studio, Laureate of State Prize of the Republic of Belarus.


«Do You Like To Jump?», «Con anima», «I’ve Never Played A Queen», «Each Sound Has An Echo», «Children of Wind, Children of The Earth», «On The Way To Completeness», «Kreva», «Armenia. Tragedy Fragments», «Master. Musician E. A. Glebov», «Cardiogram. Ales Adamovich», «A Candle On The Hill», «Another Sky», «Temple On A Border», «Dolgov - The Son оf Dolgov».

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Belarus, 2008, colour, 31 min.
Director: Mikhail Zhdanovskiy
For many years amateur painter Anatoliy Kuznetsov has been a volunteer in Kurapati, the place where victims of 30-40th years’ political repressions died.

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