Kevin Merz

was born in 1978 in Switzerland. From 1998 through 1999 he studied photography at the Italian Institute of Photography and filmmaking at the Los Angeles Film School. Since 2005 he has worked as an independent filmmaker.


«Akwabaa», 2000; «Felix in Berlin», 2001; «Der Konkurs», «Love», 2002; «Rekrutenschule Schweiz», «Un viaggio a Ginevra», 2003; «Sankofa», 2004; «Falling Stars», «One Minute to Act a Title: Kim Jong II favorite movies», «100%», «The Kiss», «Ghanaba», 2005; «Shipwreck», 2006; «Gloroius Exit», 2008.

Gloroius Exit (0+)

Swizerland, 2007, colour, 75 min.
Director: Kevin Merz
Jarreth Mertz is an actor with Swiss and Nigerian origins, who lives in Los Angeles. As his Nigerian father (who he never met) died, the African Family calls him asking to care about his father's funeral, since he is the first born.
For Jarreth begins a travel discovering his origins, his African family and who his father was.

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