Anna Dranitsina

was born in St. Petersburg, graduated from the Institute of Cinema and Television as a TV film director. She worked on television as an assistant director and as a reporter. At the moment Anna worked as a journalist and photographer in deferent magazines.


«City Of Angeles», 2003; «The An X-Ray Girl», 2005; «Uzver» (Uzver + Beast), 2005; «Game Is Over», 2006; «When I Win a Million», 2008.

When I Win a Million (0+)

Russia, 2008, colour, 23 min.
Director: Anna Dranitsina
Dimon, the character of the film, finds out that «a Russian Las-Vegas» is going to be opened in Altai soon and decides to start up his own business. He buys a slot machine and brings it to Altai region. On his way he stops by in villages and tries to make the locals get used to gambling.

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