Galina Evtushenko

was born in Voronezh, graduated from Language department of Voronezh State University, later she finished post-graduate course in VGIK with Master Degree and graduated the High Courses of Scriptwriters and Film Directors. (L. Gurevich’s and S. Zelikin’s workshop). She has got national and international film festivals awards. She is a member of Russian Association for Film & Media Education and of Russian Union of Filmmakers.


«I Have Seen You Somewhere...», «Alexander Kalyagin: The Monologue about the Beloved», 1995; «The Leaders», 1997; «Onward... Onward!.. Onward?...», 1998; «For You, Lord!» (in cooperation with L. Roshal); «Alexander Galin» (in cooperation with L. Roshal), 1998; «Why did Alexander Zhurbin Come Back?», 1999; «Rabbi», 2000; «Woe to Wit, or Eisenshtein and Meyerhold: a Two-Fold Portrait in the Interior of the Epoch», 2003; «Come On, Take it Away», or Cover Papers of «Red October», 2003; «Nobody Will Know...», «Attic Story» (feature), 2004; «Bon Apatite!», 2005; «So Much Preserved...», 2006; «Halt» (in cooperation with L. Grishin), 2007; «The Leaders. 10 Years Later», 2008.

The Leaders. 10 years later (0+)

Russia, 2008, colour, 26 min.
Director: Galina Evtushenko
It’s been 10 years since the famous actors, Lenin performers of various Soviet films, Kirill Lavrov, Michail Ulyanov and Yuriy Kayurov last visited the park-museum «Lenin’s Hills» together with the film crew of «The Leaders» documentary film. Kirill Lavrov and Michail Ulianov passed away in 2007. Today only Yuriy Kayurov can share his thoughts. How does he feel in Lenin’s room again? What has changed in the society and in Kayurov himself for the time passed?

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