Lyudmila Korshik

graduated from Journalist Faculty of Ural State University, took directing courses at National Institute of Advanced Training for Radio and Television Workers.
Committee for Radio and Television. Since 1989 – editor, later director of non-fiction films at Sverdlovsk Film Studio. Creative director of Independent Creative Circle «Kinokhronika».


«My Quiet Homeland», 1993; «Among the boys», 1994; «Time for Us», 1995; «My Quiet Homeland» (2nd film), 1996; «...No way back», 1999; «In the open country», 2000; «Easter Eve», 2004; «Vera, The Migrant Worker», 2008.

Vera, The Migrant Worker (0+)

Russia, 2008, colour, 39 min.
Director: Lyudmila Korshik
Some 12 years ago the main character Vera, like thousands of her fellows, left her native settlement in Moscow region for money. She didn’t see her son’s formation. Her daughter is being brought up by father without her taking part. Nevertheless Vera is still rushing between the two places. And who knows when the end would be and what it would be like...

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