Natalia Meshchaninova

was born in Krasnodar. She graduated from Kuban State University of Arts and Culture as film and TV director and from Documentary Film School “Real Time-2” ANO «Internews» (class of M. Razbezhkina and N. Izvolov).


«My Life», 2006; «Herbarium», 2007; «Freedom», 2007; «Good Intentions»

Freedom (0+)

Russia, 2008, 33 min.
Director: Natalia Meshchaninova
Do you remember what you were dreaming of when you were 15? To go out with boys or girls, to visit disco clubs, to experience forbidden joys… and, above all, you were dreaming of freedom. Boys from military school want the same, but they are supposed to behave themselves, to march correctly and to obey absolutely. So the freedom is a pipe dream for them. When officers give them a slight illusion of freedom, the boys do not know what to do as the freedom is an alien to them.

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