Veronika Solovieva

graduated from Institute of journalism and literature in 2006. In 2012 she graduated from Higher Courses for Scriptwriters and Directors (workshop of A.N.Gerasimov and A.M.Dobrovolsky). In 2013 she entered camera faculty of Moscow school of new cinema (workshop of O.Lukichev, M.Trapo). She’s been working in documentary film studio “Studio KLIO” from 2007.


"In front of the mirror”, 2011; “Domus Noster”, 2011; “City of angels, or private life of artist Pimenov”, 2012; “After the war”, 2013; “Arctic wind”, 2014.

Arctic wind (12+)

Russia, 2014, colour, 39 min.
Director: Veronika Solovieva
Deep-sea captain and historian Dmitry Kravchenko goes to the Arctic with the dream to find a vanished caravel of Willem Barentsz which is believed to be captured in ice in 1596 by the shore of Novaya Zemlya. At least this information is found in the diaries of one of the survivors of the Dutch expedition.

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