Alexey Pogrebnoy

was born in 1947 in Konstantinovka village of Amur region, graduated from MGIK in 1970 and Leningrad State Theatre Arts Academy in 1978. Starting from 1974 he directs documentaries. Russian Federation Honoured Arts Worker, winner of Russian State Awards (2000 and 2004).


Documentary telestory «Leshka’s Medow» (11 episodes), 1990-2007; «Rural life of Vladimir and Tatyana» (trilogy), 1982-2000; «Fancy Kolya», «Late Autumn», 1991; «I heard a voice», 1992; «Spartan», 1993; «Once upon a time» (triptych), 1987-1998; «Excuse than I’m living…», 2002; «The Lucky Beggar», 2003; «The Outskirts», 2004-2005; «Two lives of Yasaburo Khachia» («Rusian love of a samurai»), 2006; «The Iron Henry», 2007; «The Village Photographer», 2007-2008; «The Vyatka's Cucaracha», 2008.

The Vyatka's Cucaracha (0+)

Russia, 2008, colour, 27 min.
Director: Alexey Pogrebnoy
A dark-skinned Cuban Rojelio and Elena from Vyatka backwoods met during their student years in Leningrad. The couple moved to Elena’s motherland, to Torfyanoy settlement after marriage. It wasn’t all perfect, but Rojelio Rodrigez thanks to his facetious temper and amiable disposition became more than just an ‘insider’ but also a participant of popular Vyatka comics-group «Okhalniki».

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