Vladislav Reznichenko

is a graduate of Amur State University’s journalism department. He was an author and anchorman of social and political show “Maximum”. Then he started a new TV project – the entertainment program “Recorder”. He graduated from Film and TV School “ANO “Internews” (class of M. Razbezhkina and N. Izvolov).


«Green Corner», 2005; «Boderline Condition», 2008

Borderline Condition (0+)

Russia, 2008, colour, 70 min.
Director: Vladislav Reznichenko
Olga Bokova lives in a town situated on a border between Russia and China. She used to be a teacher of Russian language, now she is a shuttle trader. Her elder daughter is a straight A student, youngest daughter is a talented dancer, her parents are going strong, she has three-room flat. However, she is not happy. Like for most of us to change something in her life and in her inner world is a very hard task for Olga. At the other bank of Amur rapidly developing China helps to forget all sorrows and home squabbling but the life course is inexorable and Olga has to come back home. For a moment everything becomes clear: happiness is impossible “somewhere outside”, outside of us.

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