Konstantin Smirnov

was born in 1982, graduated from Moscow State University Psychological department and from VGIK Department of Documentary Film Directing (workshop led by Igor Grigoryev).


«Grandson», «Alive», 2007; «Puzzle of Sad Stringer», 2008.

Puzzle of Sad Stringer (0+)

Russia, 2008, colour, 33 min.
Director: Konstantin Smirnov
Stringer means war journalist, cameraman who works in conflict points. This story is about Israeli stringer Michael Schmidt. The main question of this film is – what forces one to exist in situation of constant risk? Is it only an extreme game, adrenaline or something more? Many years Michael was working in the zone of Arabian-Israeli conflict, where periods of sharp confrontation and periods of lull changes one another. But even in lull period, when, there are no thousands of victims, no defined line of front, and bullet will fly under your head only if you will special look for it, war is still war.


Roman Karmen Prize of the 27th VGIK International Students Films Festival.

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