Irina Uralskaya

was born in Moscow, graduated from PiM, photographic engineering department, and she worked at all fields of photography. She also studied in VGIK by 1987 (workshop of Lobov, Medinsky, Nakhabtsev, Shatrov). She is a member of the Filmmakers’ Union of Russia and of the Guild of Cameramen.


«Intermezzo», 1987; «1000 degrees centigrade», 2003; «About Sarah and Sveta», 2005; «Her Family and Other Animals», 2008.

Her Family and Other Animals (0+)

Russia, 2008, colour, 32 min.
Director: Irina Uralskaya
20 years ago an intern vet Oksana Zhuchkova got to Hakhabino village near Moscow. There she became an irreplaceable animal doctor. Time changed, so did the patients. Cows, hens, pigs, horses were replaced by dogs, cats, cavies… The village agglomerated. There are only two wooden houses left, in one of them a vet clinic is located. Hard times Oksana faces…

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