Aleksandr Gabrilyan

was born in the Kuban, participated in the First Chechen War (1994 – 1995). He was awarded Medal of Alexander Suvorov, Badge For Distinguish Service 2nd class, Medal For Participation In Operation In The Caucasus. He retired as platoon executive. After Army he studied at department of law. In 2003 he entered VGIK directing department, workshop of Miroshnichenko.


«Cup of Hope», 2003; «Dream», 2004; «My Grandpa», «Hunting Season», «Boys», 2005; «To The Sky», 2006; «Earthly Angels», 2007; «No War», 2008.

No War (0+)

Russia, 2008, colour, 70 min.
Director: Aleksandr Gabrilyan
Maroon beret is bravery and valor symbol of internal Special Forces of Russia. Only the best of the best are honored to wear it.
Most of the time Special Forces units stay at hot spots of the country. The characters of the film are not just military men but also local citizens from Chechen villages. This film is about war and peace.

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