Beate Arnestad

worked in NRK - The Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation for 20 years - first as a researcher, then as directors assistant and from 1991 as a TV-director.
She has worked within the departments of Culture, Music and Entertainment - and also working out of countries like: Egypt, Turkey, Kenya, India, China, Singapore, Thailand, Usa and several European countries.


«When the Waves Sing»; First Independent documentary: «My Daughter the Terrorist».

My Daughter the Terrorist (0+)

Norway, 2007, colour, 60 min.
Director: Beate Arnestad
What kind of theory makes a person become a suicide bomber? These beautiful young ladies will never become wives or mothers. They are fighting for their small country's freedom as members of Black Tigers, the suicide division of LTTE, the Tamil Tigers in Sri Lanka.


Message to Man: Best international full length documentary 2007.

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