Edgar Bartenev

was born on 23.08.1966 in Kazan (Russia). Studied script writing in VGIK (workshop of O.A. Aguishev and V.V. Tuliakova), Moscow. In 2001 graduated from Higher Courses of script writers and directors, Moscow (Alexey German’s and Svetlana Karmalita’s workshop). He has been living in St. Petersburg.


«Garden beds»; «Waltz», 2001; «Odya», 2003; «Yaptik-Hasse», 2006.

Yaptik-Hasse (0+)

Russia, 2006, colour, 30 min.
Director: Edgar Bartenev
At the end of August the big nenets family Yaptik begins to wander across Yamal. They fold up their camp in the tundra, herd the reindeer and move towards the «upper world». The «upper world» is the south. The lower is the north. The middle is the road, the usual life of the nenets. On road we also meet the shaman Iri Tadibe (he is 90, but he says he is 35); the children Yarkalyna and Yako, learning how to throw a lasso; the 100-year-old Khadu who does not sit on the nart whether it is freezing cold or whether it rains — because she pities the reindeer. The deity of family, Yaptik-Hesse, wanders in the sacred narty. Nobody will ever see his face.


prize «Golden Dove» for the best short, film, International Documentary & Animation Film Festival DOK (Leipzig); prize for the best short documentary film, International Film Festival «Message to Man» (St. Petersburg); Prize for the best short film. Prize of the Russian Guild of Film Scholars and Critics «Elephant» — Festival of Cinema of the CIS and Baltic States «KinoShok» (Anapa).

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