Marcus Vetter

has studied Economics and Media Communication in Tübingen and Madrid, speaks five languages and is happily married having two kids. His feature documentary «The Tunnel» on a famous escape of East Germans through a legendary tunnel in Berlin in the 1950’s has been one of the best-selling German TV documentaries and winner of prestigious awards.


«The Tunnel», «Ein Schweinegeld», «Tikal – the Maya Heritage», 1999; «Wo das Geld wächst», 2000; «Broadway Bruchsal», 2001; «Wargames», 2002; «Florida. Streets of the Duped», 2003; «The Battle for Bruckmann», 2004; «My Father the Turk», 2006.

My Father the Turk (0+)

Germany , 2007, b/w, 89 min.
Director: Marcus Vetter
Marcus Attila Vetter has a Turkish father and he goes to visit him for the first time in this documentary. He travels to a village where his 72-year-old father lives with hisfamily. Marcus films the Turkish landscape and talks with his newly found family. In the meantime, we hear passages read in voice-over from the diary of Marcus's mother Gerlinde, from the time that she was with Cahit - how they met, fell in love and ultimately broke up. Cahit left for Anatolia when his mother was pregnant.


Prix Europa/Prix Iris, San Francisco Golden Gate Award, Festival Türkei/Deutschland, Audience Award Vera Film Festival, Aland, Finland.

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