Jeanne Delafosse

was born in Paris. She has Licentiate and Master degrees in Cinematography of the Paris University III Censier. She studied documentary in Stendhal University in Grenoble. She is a participant of numerous art projects in France.


«Crossing English Channel», 2000; «Pamiatka – Souvenir from Kracow», 2001; «Bazar», 2006.

Bazar (0+)

France, 2006, colour, 54 min.
Director: Jeanne Delafosse
At the beginning, there is the Lost and Found office, rue des Morillons, where I grew up. How much space do the objects in our life take up? With Lara, I walked around my childhood neighborhood looking for lost objects. A film about everything we find that we're not looking for when we've lost something.

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