Didier Cros

graduate of ESEC – Paris. Documentary director from ten years.


«To Think about Cambodia», 2002; «Gendarmes», 2004; «Talk to Me», 2005; «For the Firth Time», 2006.

My Dreams Never Lie (0+)

France, 2006, 58 min.
Director: Didier Cros
Coming from elsewhere without a choice does not mean coming from nowhere, «my dreams never lie» gives a voice to a child coming from the end of the world.
Yassin is Afghan. He is seventeen, may be eighteen. Without a family, he traveled alone on the difficult and painful path which clandestinely took him all the way to France. From the moment he set foot in Paris, Yassin's one dream was to obtain papers regularizing his refugee status. In the mean time, he has had no choice but to carry on with a normal life. And so, every morning, like every French child, Yassin goes to school.


Star award – «SCAM (Company of the French autors multi-media)»; Jury award Angers International report and documentary film festival, Angers – France.

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