Tahani Rached

born in Cairo (Egypt). Tahani Rached studied in School of Fine Arts, she was actively engaged in community organizations, then in cinema. She starts her career as a filmmaker with the film «To Make A Change». She directed about twenty films.


«To Make a Change», 1973; «Not a Gift», 1975; «Their Crisis, We Don’t Pay for It», 1976; «Непримиримые братья», 1979; «Beirut! Not Enough Death to Go Round», 1983; «Haïti. Quebec», 1985; «Верни мне мою Родину», 1986; «Haïti, nous là, nous la!», 1987; «Au Chic Resto Pop», 1990; «Doctors with Heart», 1993; «Four Women of Egypt», 1997; «Emergency! A Critical Situation», 1999; «For a Song», 2001; «Soraida, A Woman of Palestine», 2004; «These Girls», 2006.

These Girls (0+)

Egypt, 2006, colour, 86 min.
Director: Tahani Rached
«El-Banate Dol» («These Girls») takes us deep into the universe of girls living on the streets of Cairo, a universe of violence and oppression, as well as freedom and solidarity.
It is a world, invisible to indifferent eyes, that witnesses the vital and secret workings of society.


Best Long Documentary Award - Ismailia International Festival For Documentary & Short Films, 2006; Prix Ulysse – Best Documentary - Festival Cinéma Méditerranéen Montpellier, 2006; Prix spécial du jury - Journées Cinématographiques De Carthage, 2006; Griot d’Ébène to Best Documentary - Festival De Cine Africano De Tarifa, Apr. 2007.

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