Artchil Khetagouri

born in 1970 in Gomi, Georgia. He studied aircraft engineering at the Technical University in Tbilisi. During civil war he left Tbilisi and went abroad. Since 1993 he lives in The Netherlands. First he worked for the local television in Rotterdam, studied in the directing class of the Netherlands Film and Television Academy. Since 2002 he has been directing documentary films.


«Shining Shoes», 2002; «Heritage», 2003; «Akhmeteli 4», 2006.

Akhmeteli 4 (0+)

Georgia, Romania, 2006, colour, 65 min.
Director: Artchil Khetagouri
«Akhmeteli 4» is a film about the universe of a block of flats in Tbilisi, Georgia, it’s a personal documentary about the daily life in the neighborhood. The director, Artchil Khetagouri, grew up in the Akhmeteli Street no. 4, but has left his country more than ten years ago and went to live abroad. With a camera in the hand he goes back to his hometown. All his former neighbors receive him like one of them. The director captures their daily lives, the surprises that make them happy, but also their hidden loneliness. Although there is not much hope for a better tomorrow, the neighbors are keeping their humor and simplicity.


Prix Regards Neufs - Visions du Reél International Film Festival 2007 (Nyon, Switzerland), First Prize – Medium Length Competition (Rodos Film Festival – Ecofilms 2007).

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