Manuele Cecconello

after university studies and two-year collaboration with the National Museum of Cinema in Turin has started a professional career that joins visual culture and creativity, education and communication. New technologies for digital imaging became the principal reason for giving an important turning point in his free-lance photographer career practiced in the 90’s. It is at this point that the artistic activity – developed in the first years between photography and experimental cinema – became Cecconello’s profession; he founded «Prospettiva Nevskij», the company that develops audiovisual projects for arts and territory.
For the best long film prize “Silver Nanook”

Olga and Time (0+)

Italy, 2007, b/w, 56 min.
Director: Manuele Cecconello
Love for mountains, a symbiotic devotion with nature, a strong dignity based upon work, represent Olga’s world, solitary icon of all shepherds of this part of the region of Piedmont (Italy), the Biellese. The movie catches and gives back to the public the daily rite for the Earth of a person who chose her own Time for sounding the enigma of existence.

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