Pulad Akhmatov

graduated from VGIK department of screenwriting and motion picture Aesthetics in 1971, worked at «Tadzhikistan» film studio as an script editor, chief editor, chief editor of newsreel. After taking Higher courses of filmmaking and screenwriting (fiction film workshop of Gleb Panfilov) he returned to «Tadzhikfilm» where he worked as director and art director of the unit «Fiction Film» by 1993. At the moment he works and lives in Moscow, Russia.


scriptwriter and director of more than 50 documentary films and director of 3 fiction films.

Rossosh... Ragtime (0+)

Russia, 2006, colour, 52 min.
Director: Pulad Akhmatov
The life in the small town Rossosh is the same as in the rest of Russia. The citizens of Rossosh struggle for survival, enjoy every earned rouble, complain about everyday burdens. Sometimes they find exotic ways to earn extra money -combining, for example, baking and selling pies at the local station during the day with striptease dancing in a local nightclub. But if you look closely, as the author of «Ragtime» does, it seems that the local inhabitants are capable of stopping the everyday routine to concentrate on more essential issues.

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