Valeri Balayan

finished the Graduate School of Scriptwriters and Film Directors with a degree «Dramaturge of Documentary films» and in 1989 he received a degree as «Documentary Film Director». He is a member of Cinematographers Union of Russia, member of film Dramaturge Guild of Russia and a member of Documentaries Guild of Russia.


The author of more then 40 films among them are: «First Lady in Genghis Khan’s Country», 2005; «The Romance of Nadir», «Global Repartition», «Viktor Nekrasov», «The Second Wave», 2006; «Stones Blocking the Entrance», «Lev Kopelev», 2007

The Romance of Nadire (0+)

Russia, 2007, colour, 19 min.
Director: Valeri Balayan
Some time ago Tatiana Yurieva was a well-known musician. Now the elderly violinist earns a living by playing on the market in a small Crimean town. Her popularity and her life may lie in the past, but the music stays with her.

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