Sergei Zinoviev

graduated from the LGU, faculty of journalism, worked at the KGTRK «Vyatka» as an editor in the youth editorial office, as a director of the creative union «Granitsa». Since 1995 he has been working as a creative director at the Channel «Grand TV».


«The Snow Was Falling Slowly», 1992; «The Ural Republic. 93», «Border», 1993; «Man-Оrgan», 1995; «Transformations», 1996; «City On the Vyatka», 1999; «That’s the Way Hardened Steel», «Non-personal File of Captain Khodirev», 2000; «Forge of the Champions», 2001; «Sadyk», 2002; «Let’s Start», 2005.

Allez-Hop! (0+)

Russia, 2007, colour, 25 min.
Director: Sergei Zinoviev
Nina has not just worked all her life in the circus as a clown… but she has lived in the circus. Nina has no other family. Although she has a big heart, she is herself very small. And the world is huge. But there is not always a place in it for the small...

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