Arkady Kogan

born in 1957 in Novosibirsk. Graduated from the department of architecture of the Academy of Arts in Leningrad (1982), VGIK (1993, department of directing). Winner of the prize of the Guild of Documentary and Television Film «Laurel» (2001, 2004), prize winner of national and international festivals.


«Vera», 1990; «Erdeni or the Treasures of Isinga», 1991; «I am Scared!», 1991; «Yevgraf», 1993; «To Live Long and Die Young», «Mikhail Zhvanetsky», 1996; «Kniazhinsky’s Smile», «A Trip to Malin», 1997; «David’s Star», 1998; «Birthday», 2000; «Place», 2001; «Good Morning, Vietnam», 2003; «Kostia Tszyu. To Be the First!» (with N. Guguyeva), «Martha» (with N. Guguyeva), 2004; «All Children are Born Sighted», 2005; «Yury Arabov. Mechanics of fate», 2007.

Yury Arabov. Mechanics of fate (0+)

Russia, 2007, colour, 52 min.
Director: Arkady Kogan
«A person’s destiny can be not only explained, but foretold using the same laws that govern a movie script». That is the point of view of a prominent Russian scriptwriter, winner of the Cannes Film Festival Yury Arabov. Once Arabov himself was faced with a seemingly inexplicable event. He got a call from a person, who maintained that he was Yury’s father, who had abandoned his son 40 years ago and whom Arabov considered dead…

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