Sergei Litovets

born in 1961. Graduated from the department of cinematography at VGIK (1989, class of V. Yusov, N. Vasilkov). In 1988—2004 worked as cinematographer at Russian studios (more than 60 films).


«Dialogues in the Electric Train», 2003; «Ferryman», 2004; «Kazan Studies», 2005; «In the Broken Microscope We Shall See Kazan», «Emperors’ Toys: Peter the Great», 2006; «Violinist», «Akop the Partisan», 2007.
Audience Award “Small Silver Nanook”

Violinist (0+)

Russia, 2007, b/w, 26 min.
Director: Sergei Litovets
In a far-away Udmurt village of Karek-Serma there lived an old man who dreamt of buying a violin and learning to play it. He had not saved enough money and so he made the violin himself.

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