Alexey Pogrebnoy

was born in 1947 in Far East region of Russia. He graduated from Moscow State Institute of Culture in 1970 and from Leningrad State Institute of Theatre, Music and Cinema in 1979. He is a member of Cinematography Union of Russia, Honored artist of the Russian Federation. He is a member of the Academy of Russian Television, the Eurasian Television Academy and the Academy of Cinematographic Arts «Nika».


«Сobweb», 2001; «Sorry for Being Alive...», 2002; «The Lucky», 2003; «Outskirts (Backyards)», 2004; «Two Lives of Yasaburo Khachia», «Waste People», 2005; «Village Photographer», «Iron Genrikh», 2006, «My Home», 2007.

Village Photographer (0+)

Russia, 2006, colour, 52 min.
Director: Alexey Pogrebnoy
Nikolai Zykov is a talented, but unknown village photographer. His family and him strive neither for wealth or fame. Their most important values are children and peace at home.

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