Iosif Trakhtengerts

born in 1938. Graduated from the department of directing at VGIK (1972, class of I. Kopalin). Works in documentary cinema since 1972.


Selected filmography: «Komi Film Company», 2000; «We are All Partly Horses», «My Dear Festival (Centaur)», 2001; «What is the Use of Football for the Homeless», «Peasant Autumn», 2002; «All the Gold of the World», 2005; «Urbanism and its Children», «Lyonia’s Horse and Lyonia», «Legendary Russian Guns», 2006.

Lyonia’s Horse and Lyonia (0+)

Russia, 2006, colour, 30 min.
Director: Iosif Trakhtengerts
The main character is Leonid Turyshev, who lives in the village of Palauz, Sysolsky region of the Komi Republic. The horse Matros and the pig Paul are his best friends. The lives of his «friends» are naturally interwoven with his own. They won’t listen to anyone — not even Leo Tolstoy — when deciding how they should live.

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