Yuri Shiller

(Okha, Sakhalin region). Training: VGIK, workshop of Grigoriy Chukhrai (1969). Professional background includes work for «Centernauchfilm» and Alma-Ata Film Studio. Currently, film director at «Novosibirsk-telefilm» (since 1975). Over 50 fiction, educational and documentary films.


«Enlisted for Active Military Service», 1982; «Such a Short Summer», 1983; «Echo of the Passing Trains», 1984; «The Accordion Players», 1986; «Such a Music!», 1987; «Usual Life», 1988; «The Flute», «The Dancers», 1989; «We’ll Survive», 1990; «When the Skies Opened», 1991; «Playing Hide-and-seek», 1992; «A Spark of God», 1993; «Everything is Yet Ahead», «The Night Bells», 1994; «The Autumn Light», 1995; «The Orchestra», «The Street», 1996; «Motherland», «The Sinner», 1997; «The Flight of a Bumble-Bee», 1998; «The Time of Cuckoo», 1999; «Enjoy Your Life», 2002; «Collapse of Icarus», 2003; «City Romance. Rimes And Prose», 2004; «In Backwater Sorvanets», 2005; «Chudin», «Karasuk», 2006.

Karasuk (0+)

Russia, 2006, colour, 30 min.
Director: Yuri Shiller
A train running through a wide plain stops at a small district town with Turco name «Karasuk». This town situated at a border with Kazakstan is motley and multilingual: Slavonic and Turco is mixed in citizens’ appearance, language and life style…

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