Murat Mamedov

was born in Rustavi. He graduated from faculty of photography of VGIK. He worked at Kiev film studio of popular-science film beginning from 1967. He was a director and cameraman at Ukrainchronika studio starting from 1972 and at Kontact studio since 1992. He is an honored figure of Art of Ukraine and a winner of international film festivals in Krakow and Moscow.


“Rapids”, 1961, “My land, my fate”, 1966; “I’m going to search”, 1974; “A way to tunnel”, 1975; “Deed-burn Friendship”, 1976; “Mothers of Katuzhan”, 1976; “Memories about revolution”, 1977; “Sons of two nations”, 1982; “Ave Maria”, 1987; On Sunday in the early morning”, 1987; “Wound”, 1988; “Zone”, 1988; “Ukrainians, we are safe now”, 1977; “More than a movie. Yezhi Kavalerovich”, 2003; Like a white stone at the bottom of a well. Anna Akhmatova”, 2003; “A desire to fly. Leonid Bikov”, “To see other epochs”, 2004.

Adam &Eva (0+)

Ukrain, 2005, colour, 23 min.
Director: Murat Mamedov
The film shows life of modern mine worker.

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