Svetlana Bychenko

was born in Krasnoyarsk Krai. She graduated from Ural State University. She has made over 50 documentary films on various topics, among which is the documentary fairy tale «Runaway of elephants from Russia» (Prize of the film critics «White elephant» 2000), «Islands. Varlam Shalamov» (Russian Academy of Television award TEFI 2007 nominee), documentary series «Country of birds» (National award Lavr 2001, Main prize of the international ecological festival «Golden loon», 2011), the film «Shikotan crows», (National award Lavr 2012 nominee).


Filmography: «Method of subtraction or your classmate», 1996; «Metamorphoses», 1997; «Memoirs of the first-former», 1999; «Polina», 1999; «Runaway of elephants from Russia», 2000; «The Return», 2001; «Awaiting heaven», 2002; «Sending hello», 2002; «Accordionist», 2003; «Wife of the healer», 2004; «My crows», 2005; «Very personal», 2005; «Your crows», 2005; «Islands. Varlam Shalamov», 2006; «On the way to Lavr», 2006; «Patsany(Boys)», 2007; «The journey of the white elephant to the white tsar», 2007; «Country of birds», 2011-2013
Special National Competition Jury Mention for the best direction

Brothers and Birds (12+)

Russia, 2013, colour, 56 min.
Director: Svetlana Bychenko
The film about two twin brothers who spent their childhood in the forest on a cordon. Only when they were seven years old they met other children for the first time. They know everything about birds and nature but can hardly understand people and the society.


Directing and cinematography award at the ecological festival «Meridian of Hope», Saint-Petersburg, Russia, 2014

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