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International competition

Attention! All events of the festival times are given in Perm time (GMT+5)

“Silver Nanook” for discovery of new subjects and new heroes Audience Award
Hidden Letters (16+)

China, Germany, Norway, United States, 2022, colour, 89 min.
Director: Violet Du Feng , Zhao Qing

Grand Prix “Big Golden Nanook” for the best film of the festival
The One I love… (16+)

Finland, Russia, 2023, colour, 90 min.
Director: Livia Anna Emilia Berger

“Silver Nanook” for the original artistic solution
Tanya. Summer. Winter (16+)

Russia, 2023, colour, 80 min.
Director: Aleksandr Avilov

Special Jury Mention
Carmen, or an Unfortunate Love Story of Hanspeter from Oberkassel, that Made My Children Happy in a Foreign Country (18+)

Germany, Georgia, 2022, colour, 79 min.
Director: Yulia Vishnevets

STAMS - Dreaming Of Gold (12+)

Austria, 2023, colour, 92 min.
Director: Bernhard Braunstein

Whose Dog Am I? (16+)

Hungary, Romania, 2022, colour, 80 min.
Director: Robert Lakatos

Good Life Deal (18+)

Austria, 2022, colour, 73 min.
Director: Samira Ghahremani

The Adventures of Gigi the Law (16+)

Italy, France, Belgium, 2022, colour, 102 min.
Director: Alessandro Comodin

Q (16+)

USA, Lebanon, 2023, colour, 93 min.
Director: Jude Chehab

The Only Doctor (16+)

United States, 2022, colour, 78 min.
Director: Matthew Hashiguchi

Eat Bitter (16+)

Central African Republic, China, 2023, colour, 95 min.
Director: Ningyi Sun, Pascale Appora-Gnekindy

The Football Aficionado (12+)

Iran, 2022, colour, 87 min.
Director: Paliz Khoshdel, Sharmin Mojtahedzadeh

Artem & Eva (18+)

France, Georgia, Estonia, 2023, colour, 96 min.
Director: Evgeniy Milykh