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Лекция Оскара Алегрии (Фестиваль Punto de Vista, Испания)

Oskar Alegria

director, artistic director of Punto de Vista International Documentary Film Festival (Spain)

Trained as a journalist, he began working as a reporter in Madrid on news programs for Canal+ and CNN+. He has been an editor of cultural programs and has directed the series Masters of Basque Cooking for the Basque Television ETB-Telebista. Since 2002, he writes travel reports for the supplement to El País, El Viajero, and is the author of a photographic artistic project called "The Visible Cities", a collection of city portraits with chance as the only guide. He is coordinator and professor of documentary scripts in the Master of Audiovisual Scripts at the University of Navarra and in 2013 he has been appointed as new Artistic Director for Punto de Vista International Documentary Film Festival in Spain. His first film, The Search for Emak Bakia, was screened in 70 international film festivals, it won 15 awards and is translated into 14 languages, Farsi and Albanian among others.