Lessons of Love (16+)
Poland, 2019, 75 min
Director Malgorzata Goliszewska
Award for Original Artistic Solution “Silver Nanook”
Strip and War (18+)
Belarus, Poland, 2019, 68 min
Director Andrei Kutsila
Special Jury Mention for sensitive description of the doubts and dilemmas of a young men trying to find his path in a consumerist and warlike world, standing next to his grandfather in a conflicting but loving relationship
Merry Christmas, Yiwu (12+)
Sweden, Serbia, France, Germany, Belgium, Qatar, 2020, 94 min
Director Mladen Kovacevic
FIPRESCI Award, Special Jury Mention for thorough, delicate and esthetically beautiful observation of life which is balancing between the consumerism world we are building around us, traditions and surviving
The Secretary of Ideology (18+)
Russia, 2019, 50 min
Director Yuri Pivovarov
Special Jury Mention to encourage a young director who depicted an uncommon character and offered a dual glimpse into USSR's ideological heritage and Russia's political present
Alone Together (16+)
Israel , 2019, 54 min
Director Kineret Hay-Gillor
Audience Award
Love Child (16+)
Denmark, 2019, 112 min
Director Eva Mulvad
Award for Discovery of New Subjects and New Heroes “Silver Nanook”
Bitter Love (18+)
Sweden, Finland, Poland, 2020, min
Director Jerzy Sladkowski
Grand Prix for the Best Film of the Festival “Big Golden Nanook”
17 – 23 SEPTEMBER 2021
The more your work corresponds to real life, the better it seems..." — these words said by Durer, an artist of the Renaissance, are the most laconic expression of the aesthetic conception of the film festival "Flahertiana".