Long. Black. Cloud is Coming Down (16+)
Russia, 2014, 57 min
Director Alexandra Likhacheva
Special Jury Mention
The Queen of Silence (12+)
Germany, Poland, 2014, 80 min
Director Agnieszka Zwiefka
Grand Prix for the best film of the festival – “Big Golden Nanook”
A Syrian Love Story (16+)
UK, 2015, 80 min
Director Sean McAlister
Special Jury Mention
Spartacus and Cassandra (12+)
France, 2014, 81 min
Director Ioanis Nuguet
Audience Award
Surire (12+)
Chile, Germany, 2015, 80 min
Director Bettina Perut
Award for Original Artistic Solution – “Silver Nanook”
Toto and His Sisters (18+)
Romania, 2014, 93 min
Director Alexander Nanau
Award for Discovery of New Subjects and New Heroes – “Silver Nanook”
I Want to Be a King (12+)
Iran, 2014, 70 min
Director Mehdi Ganji
Special Jury Mention
16-23 SEPTEMBER 2016
The more your work corresponds to real life, the better it seems..." — these words said by Durer, an artist of the Renaissance, are the most laconic expression of the aesthetic conception of the film festival "Flahertiana".