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The President of IDFF Flaertiana Pavel Pechenkin and the Curator of Russian Flaertiana Maria Lysenko open the National Competition Program
The first screening of the International Competition. The International Jury Member, director Sergey Miroshnichenko
At the International Competition Program screening
The director Antonio Tibaldi presents his film "Thy father`s chair"
The International Competition Members Antonio Tibaldi, Tal Barda and Noam Pinchas
Вадим Устинов, главный видеотехник фестиваля
The National Competition Member director Natalia Savras presents her film "Happiness is not far away"
The Lendok Film Studio director Aleksey Telnov leads a workshop on the Pitching of a Documentary Project
In the Premier Cinema Center one can find an Exhibition of photos taken from the film, "Running Together" (dir. Alexey Romanov), the premiere of which will take place on the 18th of September
Исполнительный директор фестиваля Владимир Соколов
Андрей Вилисов, координатор волонтерской службы и менеджер площадок
Flaertiana volunteers at work
The Festival Chief Coordinator Alina Stabrovskaya introduces a film from the DOK Leipzig Festival and The Program Curator of the DOK festival, Cornelia Klauss
The Program Curator of the DOK Leipzig Festival, Cornelia Klauss, talks about the Festival and introduces the first DOK Leipzig screening at IDFF Flaertiana
Cornelia Klauss answers the audience's questions after the "Parchim International" screening
The audience at the "Parchim International" screening
Ольга Аверкиева, куратор конкурса студенческих фильмов
The director Gilina Krasnoborova leads a workshop. The themes of the discussion is "Image in Documentary Cinema".
The halls are always full at Flahertiana Workshops
Галина Красноборова, режиссёр и член жюри студенческого конкурса
A quick break between Student Competition Films
Борис Караджев и Корнелия Клаус
The festival audience before The Special Screening of "Rings of the World"
The director of the film "Rings of the World", The International Jury Member at Flaertiana-2016 Sergey Miroshnichenko
The director Sergey Miroshnichenko and the festival president Pavel Pechenkin open the special screening
At the screening of "Rings of the World"
At the screening of "Rings of the World"
Павел Печёнкин и зрители фестиваля