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The International Jury Member, Harutyun Khachatryan, attends a morning screening
The director Pasha Rafiy presents his film "Foreign Affairs"
Pasha Rafiy (Luxembourg)
A morning screening of The International Competition
Flahertiana`s audience
The director of "Tatiana and Sons", Elena Laskari
Maria Miroshnochenko (from Channel 24_DOC) leads a workshop on content and promotion at the "Campus"
International Jury President Doug Block leads another workshop
Doug Block talks about shooting personal films and encourages the audience to be brave in screening their own
The main symbol of The Flahertiana Festival - "The Gold Nanuk"
Sergey Kachkin presents an out-of-competition event from the DOKer Festival programme
Flahertiana`s audience
Pasha Rafiy presents the evening screening of "Foreign Affairs"
A discussion after the screening of "Foreign Affairs"
Another evening screening of The International Competiton
The Croatian director Tonci Gacina presents the evening screening of his film "Tourism!"
The discussion after "Tourism!"
An evening screening of The Russian National Competition is presented by Elena Laskari
At the film "Tatiana and Sons"
A special screening of "The Dybbuk: A Tale of Wandering Souls" is presented by Krzysztof Kopczynski
At the screening of "The Dybbuk: A Tale of Wandering Souls"
Two days still to go at Flahertiana