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Tutor Marina Lysenko opens another session of National Competition "Russian Flahertiana"
Director Anna Ganshina presents her film "Grotto Children"
Director Marco De Stefanis presents his film "Waiting for Giraffes"
Joerg Langer and his master class "Coproduction with Germany - Myth and Reality. Review of the documentary networks in Germany.
Cay Wesnigk's master class "How film finds its viewer - "Video on Demand" like a possibility"
Director Aleksandr Kuprin presents the second film of the National Competition program "Incense-Navigator"
On the screenings at "Russian Flahertiana"
Ira Kormannshaus and Galina Krasnoborova
Mina Laamo (Finland) presents the second film of a festival program DocPoint
On the screening of "The Perfect Selfie"
"The Grown Ups" is another film of International Competition is presented by producer Denis Vaslin
As a part of Flahertiana Workshop Kacper Lisowski held a master class about working an operator
Before the session of the International Competition
"The Competition" 's director Evgeny Khovaev
International Jury Member of the IDFF "Flahertiana-2017", director Macej J. Drygas continues to present his films
President of the Festival "Flahertiana" Pavel Pechenkin
International Jury Member, the filmmaker and distributor Jonathan Marlow presents the program "Flaherty Seminar at Flahertiana"
Discussion after the screenings of the "Flaherty Seminar" program
Alina Stabrovskaya Chief Coordinator of the festival and Olga Belskaya the vice-president of the festival "Human and Nature"
Viewers comments about festival
Владимир Соколов представляет фильмы ретроспективы киностудии «Риск»
Director Christiane Buchner and DoP Irina Uralskaya present film "pereSTROIKA - reCONSTRUCTION of a flat"
Boris Karadzhev presents his new film "Dream Factory" for Comrade Stalin"
Galina Yankovskaya and Konstantin Shumov