Focus Germany

Jochen Hick

was born in Darmstadt in Germany, between 1981 and 1987 he studied film at the university of Fine Arts of Hamburg and also in Bologna. He is a freelance writer, journalist,
director and producer of film and television. From 2007 until 2010 he was commissioning editor and deputy director of programmes at TIMM television channel. He is also a part-time lecturer at the German Film and Television Academy Berlin.


«Teufel Im Paradies», 1991; «Welcome to the dome», 1992; «Menmaniacs - The Legacy of Leather», 1995; «Sex/Life In L.A.», 1998; «Talk Straight – The World Of Rural Queers», 2000; «Cycles Of Porn», 2005; «Rainbow’s End», 2005-2006; «East/West – Sex & Politics» , 2008; «The Good American», 2009; «DDR unterm Regenbogen», 2011; «Out In East Berlin», 2012-2013.

Andreas Strohfeldt

was born in 1962, he studied in Moscow before moving to Saint Petersburg where he organised Queer Cinema screenings and retrospectives. He has written and directed various short films.


Germany , 2013, colour, 94 min.
Directors: Jochen Hick, Andreas Strohfeldt
Archived newscasts and expert opinions from the GDR chronicles. The film shows thirteen personal biographical stories of people isolated from the society whose ideals were at odds with ideology of that time. It raises a question: “What is the allowed degree of the freedom of self-expression?”